Working Papers

This Working Paper Series, stemming from research undertaken through M. Marschke’s SSHRC grant ‘Fisheries Transitions in SE Asia’, is intended to present research findings from original empirical work and secondary literature reviews related to various aspects of fisheries transitions.  This series is intended to showcase work done by graduate students or other scholars pursuing research in this area.  Key areas of investigation include: sustainability, fisheries governance and poverty alleviation.

Working Papers:

  1. Gadreau, M., Schut, L., and Wilkings, A.  2012.  Fisheries Transitions in Vietnam: A Path Towards (un)Sustainability.  Working Paper Number 1. Fisheries Transitions in Vietnam_FINAL
  2. Wilkings, A. 2012.  Fisheries and Aquaculture Certification: Implications for Southeast Asia.  Working Paper Number 2.  Certification-Final Aug 2012