I am an Associate Professor at the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa.  My training is in human-environment relations, with a particular emphasis on livelihoods, common pool resources and environmental governance.  More recently, I’ve begun exploring transition theory (agrarian transition; resilience, adaptability and transformation).  I am the author of “Life, Fish and Mangroves: Resource governance in coastal Cambodia” (U Ottawa Press, 2012), and have published in various journals including Environmental Science & Policy, Global Environmental Change, International Journal of the Commons and Marine Policy.

Specifically, my research focuses on livelihoods, sustainability and environmental change in coastal villages throughout Southeast Asia.   I am currently investigating if and how small producers (fishers and fish farmers) transition in and out of the fisheries sector, paying specific attention to such transitions in Cambodia and Vietnam.  I am also investigating how local resource management institutions are able to draw on their local knowledge vis-a-vis climate change adaptation, and the potential of market-based governance mechanisms vis-a-vis small producers.


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